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One of the biggest mistakes we can make when struggling with anxiety is deciding to take on those challenges alone. So many individuals every year choose to suffer in silence, when the help they need is only one decision away. Getting the help you need to overcome anxiety does so much more than benefit you; on the contrary, your family and friends also benefit when you get the therapy you know you need.

Whether you’re still considering therapy or you’re an anxiety treatment veteran, loved ones are an intimate part of your journey. Their support can make the difficult moments more manageable, and they certainly make the victories so much sweeter. If you’re looking for one more reason to seek help for your anxiety, your friends and family members can give you 3 of them.

1. Your support team gets to watch you succeed.

Your support team has your back, through the good times and the bad. Friends and family members want nothing more than to watch you take back control of your life, especially when anxiety cripples you to the point where you stop participating in the very activities you love.

While it might not seem like an immediate benefit, watching you take back your life means everything to the people who love you the most. Friends and family members are more themselves when you’re a part of their lives. Watching you succeed, putting distance between yourself and the effects of your anxiety, is incredibly valuable to everyone who cares about you. In the same way that diehard fans will never stop supporting their favorite sports teams, you can count on those who know you best to never leave the sidelines when it comes to your own journey toward freedom.

This isn’t to say that your friends and family members are waiting for you to get a handle on your anxiety. In fact, if they’re truly in your corner, you know that friends and family alike are even more willing to reach out when you’re faced with adverse challenges. However, when you take the time to properly address and manage your anxiety, loved ones get the privilege of watching you succeed.

2. Friends and family enjoy a healthier, happier you.

Remember all of the positive memories that you share with family members? From Christmas mornings to Thanksgiving evenings to birthday parties, we share more memories with relatives than perhaps anyone else. Remember all of the great times you spent with friends? Whether it’s a trip to the mall, an evening out on the town or simply a visit to someone’s home, friends play key roles in fostering our own health and happiness.

In the same way that you benefit when friends and family members are around, they benefit whenever you’re involved in their day. We speak for all of your friends, family members and loved ones when we say that they want to experience great days right alongside you! And when you’re having a great day, you can trust that everyone else involved also gets to share your smile.

Anxiety can take so much from our lives. It can prevent us from taking part in our favorite activities; it can hamper our ability to feel or pleasure from life’s simple victories; some days, it can even prevent us from experiencing the self-confidence or the peace of mind we need to get out of bed, get dressed, eat healthy meals and fulfill the day’s tasks. When you properly address your anxiety, you’ll be able to take back the life you love, in the process reintroducing friends and family members into your daily routines.

3. Loved ones can depend on you.

Respect from friends and family members is a privilege. Trust and respect are earned as a result of proven relationships over time. However, sometimes through no fault of your own, anxiety prevents friends and family members from being able to trust you during their own difficult moments.

When you take the time to manage your anxiety in all the right ways, your friends and family members will be able to watch you restore a balanced life, one that is again capable of dependence when loved ones need you. Just as your current friends and family members have been a shoulder to lean on since you were open about the anxiety you face, you’ll be able to support loved ones in all the right ways once you succeed in handling your anxiety.

Take your first steps toward freedom from anxiety today

Hope, change and healing from anxiety are now a single, easy decision away. Pyramid Family Behavioral Healthcare helps adults and adolescents manage anxiety, depression, mood and bipolar disorders. You’ll receive therapy in an intensive outpatient environment, to help you address anxiety and apply what you’ve learned in real-world applications. Call (678) 274-4936, or get the confidential help you need today from Pyramid Family Behavioral Healthcare, to give your friends and family members another reason to cheer you on.

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