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Anxiety plays a role in the lives of so many individuals today. Some of the weapons used to fight anxiety are suggested by licensed medical professionals, items like FDA-approved medication, therapy and other treatment modalities. Other approaches to combating anxiety are natural, like ensuring we receive at least 8 hours of sleep each night, and making sure we take time during the day for both entertainment and exercise.

Diet – the foods we consume on a regular basis – also has a large role to play when it comes to influencing anxiety’s effects on our lives. A healthy, natural diet can help regulate anxiety, just as much as a diet filled with artificial ingredients and sugars can make anxiety more difficult to deal with on a regular basis.

Too often, we associate a healthy diet with bland flavors and unsightly vegetables. That’s exactly the misconception that we’re hoping to reverse, with 5 recipes full of ingredients that help you fight anxiety.

1. Miso soup, stuffed with greens and tofu

In only 15 minutes, you could be second-guessing everything you thought about distasteful vegetables. This miso soup recipe combines powerful flavors with almost effortless setup. You’ll need one pan, along with chard, green onion, nori and tofu, cooked together with broth. Adjust the salt concentration, and after a few more steps you’ll be enjoying anxiety-calming nutrition without any artificial flavors hampering your diet.

If you’re more of a fan of traditional miso soup flavors, check out this homemade miso soup recipe, one which pairs Japanese soup stock alongside clams and tofu.

2. Buckwheat pancakes

Whether they kickstart your morning or provide an ideal end-of-day snack, buckwheat pancakes provide all of the flavor with no synthetic ingredients. This gluten-free buckwheat pancakes recipe is as easy to make as it is to enjoy: you’ll need vegetable oil, buckwheat flour, butter milk and a few pinches of natural sugar. If you don’t have buckwheat flour, you can always substitute with all-purpose flour. And if you can’t find buttermilk, feel free to substitute with two tablespoons of white sugar stirred into regular milk.

The egg in the recipe is entirely optional; buckwheat pancakes can tastefully be made with or without eggs. Eggs simply provide a little more integrity to the pancake structure. You’ll need roughly 5 minutes to prepare your ingredients and 20 minutes to cook your buckwheat pancakes, and the recipe itself will comfortably make 14 to 15 pancakes, good for serving 2 to 3 individuals.

3. Wild seaweed salad

Before you scroll right past this option, hear us out: this wild seaweed salad recipe might just be the most tasty thing you prepare all week. Dried seaweed offers amazing health benefits alongside powerful flavors, whether it’s used as your salad base or simply as a garnish on top of your current favorite salad recipe.

Among the natural ingredients included in this seaweed salad recipe are nori seaweed, nigari tofu, honey, squeezed melon juice, sesame oil and chopped shallots. The author of the recipe also notes that while this specific recipe calls for nori seaweed, you can experiment with any type of seaweed depending on the flavors you’re looking to achieve.

Also, keep in mind that this specific recipe makes a large amount of salad. Specifically, the ingredient amounts prepare enough salad for 10-12 individuals, so it’s a great opportunity to share your new recipe with friends, family members and anyone interested in novel seaweed flavors.

4. Turkey burgers

Who said recipes that fight anxiety have to be boring? This turkey burger recipe also calls for the creation of natural, sweet potato fries, with natural ingredients that help you fight both depression and anxiety.

Ingredients include sweet potatoes, cilantro, avocado, lime juice and whole grain buns or slices of bread. Once sweet potatoes have been thinly sliced and placed with olive oil onto a baking sheet, you’ll mix ground turkey breast together with cilantro, garlic and salt. Feel free to mix chili powder into your ground turkey if you’re looking to create patties with a little bit of a kick.

5. Whole wheat pasta with cauliflower

Sicilian-style cauliflower rounds out this whole wheat pasta recipe, which offers powerful flavors after 15 minutes of preparation and only 30 minutes of total cook time. Reference this recipe for whole wheat pasta with cauliflower, complete with cauliflower florets, shallot rings, honey and fresh thyme. You’ll toss both vegetables and pasta together, and drizzle olive oil over the top for taste. It’s a simple dish, but the only thing it’s lacking is artificial flavors and extra sugars.

The help you need to fight anxiety

Optimizing your diet to prioritize natural ingredients, fruit and vegetable-heavy dishes and avoid artificial flavors is one of the most important steps you can take in your fight against anxiety. If you’re serious about putting anxiety in its place, you should also consider confidential, professional help. Whether that help comes through Pyramid Family Behavioral Healthcare – a nationwide leader in helping you face challenges like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, etc. – or a trusted healthcare provider near you, make sure that you’re using all the weapons in your arsenal to take back control of your life. Find  an outpatient program that accommodates both your outlook and your preferences, to apply problem-solving skills that can supplement therapy and FDA-approved medication in helping you overcome anxiety from all angles.

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