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There are dozens of misconceptions about marriage therapy that can make seeking help in your relationship extra difficult. The things you’ve heard through the grapevine or seen on television likely make marriage counseling out to be an awkward and painful, last-ditch effort. It can be a hard realization to face when you find your relationship could use some intervention and you have preconceived notions about what marriage therapy is.

Despite the stigma and the stereotypes, there are dozens of marital therapy benefits, and it’s one of the healthiest things you can do for your marriage. Regardless of the state of your relationship, you can improve your marriage, learn better communication and come to a sense of peace when you take advantage of marriage counseling.

Reaching out for professional help can turn your relationship around. Though the results will look different for each couple, here are five undeniable benefits of marriage therapy that the television shows don’t tell you about.

Change communication patterns

One of the first things that every couple learns in marriage counseling is healthy communication. Because traditional therapy is so centered around talking, you’ll learn to first build a foundation of open and compassionate conversation guided by your therapist.

In your sessions, your therapist or counselor will help you to share the conversation, see the other’s perspective and express your emotions and needs. When you master healthy communication patterns in your sessions, it’s bound to carry over into your daily life and change the way you interact with your spouse.

Healthy communication changes both day-to-day interactions (taking the snarkiness out of who is on dish duty) and big decisions (like conflict over when to have kids). Marriage counseling will teach you and your loved one crucial communication skills that will enhance your marriage for a lifetime.

Get an outside perspective

Sometimes, couples who have been together for a long time lose the ability to look objectively at a problem. Maybe a problem has built up over years and compromising becomes more of an issue of pride than what is the best decision.

Having a professional marriage counselor will assist you in navigating specific issues in your marriage. In a relationship each person at some point thinks he or she is compromising more than the other. Your mental health professional can illuminate you to where you have each made concessions and what a reasonable middle ground is.

Over time, your counselor will help each of you to see things from an objective point of view. You won’t be clouded by your emotional investment in the problem, but you’ll have the clarity to make decisions that are best for you and your family.

Resolving problems before they come up

Marriage therapy benefits are even better when you take advantage of them early. A marriage that is on the brink can still find healing and peace, but there is no reason to wait until your marriage is in jeopardy to find help.

Reaching out for professional intervention early on in a relationship can set the tone for solving future problems. First, by getting help you are demonstrating to your partner that you are willing to put in work to stay true to your commitment. You are also paving the way to solve problems down the road.

In addition to communication and compromising skills, you’ll learn about other crucial tools to strengthen your relationship. Then, you’ll be prepared to address problems before they happen instead of trying to repair damage in the aftermath.

Build intimacy

We’ll never realize how many couples struggle with intimacy because it is such a private affair, but more couples than we think might be in the same boat. Intimacy is a fickle thing, but something every couple can rekindle if they’re willing to devote the time and energy to restoring intimacy through marriage counseling.

Couples often want to reawaken a “honeymoon feeling” that they experienced early on in their dating or marriage. Whether the connection was physical or emotional, your therapist can help you find ways to foster that romance again.

Marriage counseling has brought countless couples to a renewed state of bliss. Don’t doubt that yours could be next.

Improve personal mental health

If your relationship has endured an affair, financial issues, death in the family, problems with fertility or any number of marital issues, seeking counseling is not just a good move for you as a couple, but a healthy step for you as individuals.

Although the main focus of marriage counseling will be the dynamic shared between partners, there will also be an opportunity to address issues that may be impacting only one spouse. There may be underlying concerns, such as a mental illness, a physical disability, job concerns or other factors that affect the relationship significantly.

These external stressors could be a major strain on the relationship, and address those areas and putting them into perspective for the couple can ease unnecessary tension. You may find that a combination of individual and couples therapy is the best route to take.

When you’re ready to invest in your marriage and in your family – finding greater peace and purpose in your relationship – consider Pyramid Family Behavioral Healthcare. Online and in-person counseling options can help you address any issues through individual, couple or family therapy options. Call 678-274-4936 to schedule an appointment now.

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