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Pyramid Family Behavioral Healthcare’s mental health treatment programs address seek to address the whole person rather than just a group of symptoms. Our program follows a treatment philosophy that addresses our client’s mood, thoughts, dynamics associated with forming meaningful relationships, and physical response to managing stress or impulsivity.

Our goal is to help equip our clients with the skills they can use when faced with adversity.


Understanding Levels of Treatment

The first step for your loved one will be the completion of a comprehensive assessment to help determine the best level of care to meet his or her needs. Our recommended level or type of care will depend on multiple factors: the nature and severity of the client’s mental condition, their physical health, family history and level of support, and the type of treatment that will best support the most pressing needs.


PHP Treatment

Often referred to as Day Treatment or Partial Day Treatment, this program is usually recommended for clients who have tried lower levels of care, such as intensive outpatient or outpatient counseling, but have not experienced significant improvement in symptoms. It also serves as a next step for clients who have completed inpatient or residential treatment.  Clients in this program are typically having trouble functioning in school or at work, and would benefit from a more structured treatment day five days per week.


IOP Treatment

A lesser restrictive level of care, our IOP has the broadest application.  Clients are typically still functioning with their day to day responsibilities but are having difficulty and need a lot of support.

Our IOP treatment program provides more support and structure than outpatient counseling, making it an appropriate next step for clients who have completed a PHP program, residential treatment, or inpatient psychiatric care. Alternatively, clients can also participate in an IOP program before a higher level of care.


How Our Programs Work

Our programs vary in intensity and structure so that we can best serve the needs of the individual.  Our PHP and IOP programs provide active, intensive therapeutic services in a coordinated and structured environment. We focus on mood and anxiety disorders and other co-occurring conditions such as substance use disorders and eating disorders that are secondary to the primary mental health conditions for which the client has sought help.

The program is insight oriented, with an emphasis on helping clients understand their own inner workings and motivations ultimately helping clients to internalize any changes.

Additionally, some clients are in need of medication management or outpatient therapy on a weekly or monthly basis.  Our staff is able to meet with clients and families to determine the best fit.


Adult Mental Health

Our adult program is designed for individuals 18 years old and older who are suffering from a mood or anxiety disorder. One of the primary goals of our adult treatment program is to identify and build on the client’s existing strengths and resources.

Program Focus:

  • Individual’s Thoughts
  • Emotions
  • Mind/Body Responses
  • Relationships

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Adolescent Mental Health

Our adolescent program serves 13-17-year olds who suffer with a mood or anxiety disorder. It is tailored to provide content that is age appropriate and designed with the client’s stage of brain development in mind.

Primary Focus:

  • Individual’s Thoughts
  • Emotions
  • Caregiver and Peer Relationships
  • Mind/Body Connection
  • Skill Development
  • Creative Expression

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Our admissions process is smooth and stress-free. There is no commitment required to speak with an admissions specialist and your call and the information you provide is completely confidential.


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