Why Choose Pyramid Family Behavioral Healthcare?

We’ve implemented a value-based model at Pyramid Family Behavioral Healthcare, one that helps clients overcome several obstacles inherent to most treatment providers and families. This model includes the following pillars:

  • Highly trained, seasoned clinical teams supported by training and development plans;
  • Access to psychiatry and medication management services;
  • Design programs that are appropriate for the client’s stage of development or life-stage;
  • A “client-centered” approach for higher client treatment participation;
  • A broader spectrum of modalities and treatment approaches;
  • Integration of the client’s support system into the treatment process;
  • Collaboration with current treatment providers on treatment planning and continuing care planning for better continuity;
  • Program outcome measures to quantify program efficacy;
  • Continuous evaluation of areas of need through customer request and market demand;
  • Program transparency, allowing clients to work with clinical professionals in making informed decisions about a referral or program fit

Rather than employing the traditional “medical model”, which emphasizes pathology and focuses on problems and failures in individuals facing mental health conditions, Pyramid Family Behavioral Healthcare adopts a treatment focus on wellness and strengths over illness and weakness.