Pyramid Family Behavioral Healthcare offers sophisticated clinical programming, lower client-to-staff ratios, experienced and competent clinicians, superior customer experience and an environment conducive to health and healing. Pyramid Family Behavioral Healthcare’s program is covered by most commercial health insurance plans.  While PFBH is not a contracted as an in-network provider, we will work with all commercial policies by following the plan’s guidelines related to pre-certification, concurrent clinical reviews, billing and coding to maximize the coverage of a treatment episode on behalf of all clients.

Group therapyDue to broad variation of insurance carriers and the policies they offer, we would strongly recommend that an insurance verification be completed by our experienced team so we can share with you how the program is covered based on your policy.  There is no obligation when completing an insurance verification and this allows us to provide you the information necessary for you to make an informed decision based on your insurance benefits and associated costs – no two policies are the same.  We do not work with Medicare or Medicaid.

Pyramid Family Behavioral Healthcare does have self-pay options and our Admissions Team can help you explore different ways of paying for treatment that may not be covered by your policy.

What Happens During the Evaluation & Assessment Process?

A mental health assessment for adults or for adolescents can take approximately two hours and are always conducted by a licensed, experienced mental health professional (Licensed Professional Counselor or Licensed Clinical Social Worker) with a Master’s degree.

Mental Health Assessment Discussion

The mental health diagnostic assessment includes an interview with the client and/or their family and support system. When drafting an individualized treatment plan, we’ll integrate feedback from any current healthcare providers. We also consult with clinical and medical teams here at Pyramid Family Behavioral Healthcare when determining a client’s path toward recovery.

Our thorough evaluation process begins the moment you call our office. You’ll participate in a 10–15 minute phone screen, where we’ll verify your insurance, obtain a few details from you and familiarize you with our COVID-19 compliance protocols. As soon as we have the information we need, we’ll schedule you for the next possible in-person assessment — often within 24–48 hours of your first call.

Your in-person assessment will last between 2 and 2.5 hours, when you and a therapist will together identify the best level of care to accommodate any challenges you face. We’ll make immediate recommendations based on your situation, and pre-certify your insurance to ensure there are no interruptions once treatment begins.

Upon Completion of the Assessment Process:

When your behavioral health and psychiatric evaluation is complete, your licensed clinician will meet with you and finalize the following steps:

  • Review findings and diagnostic impression determined from the assessment
  • Review appropriate and ideal treatment options available based on clinical needs identified in the assessment
  • Assist the client, family and/or support system in accessing treatment options
  • Review the assessment outcome with any other treatment providers who may already be involved in the client’s care, provided there is a signed Release of Information on record to indicate permission to do so

Treatment options may range from low frequency outpatient counseling to acute inpatient stabilization. The Assessment Center will provide several treatment options that are deemed clinically and medically necessary.

The Assessment Center will refer and connect clients to treatment services, whether the services are provided by Pyramid Healthcare or other trusted treatment providers.

The Pyramid Family Behavioral Healthcare Assessment Center is here to offer clarity, support and direction for families in need of a behavioral health assessment and treatment options. We are here to provide answers for clients, families and providers during the treatment and recovery process.

Seeking treatment and starting the admissions process can be intimidating.

Our staff is here every step of the way, from initial diagnosis to treatment options that best fit you.