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Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition where an individual experiences drastic shifts in mood. This differs from the usual changes in mood most people feel throughout any given day. It is a disorder within the brain that affects the person’s energy levels and overall mood. It is a unique disorder because bipolar symptoms can differ significantly between men and women.

This difference in symptoms can lead to some men putting off seeking health, but it is paramount to know when something is off so that you can pursue bipolar treatments as soon as possible.

Frequent Manic Episodes 

Women are more likely to experience depressive episodes with their bipolar episodes. Men are more likely to suffer from manic episodes characterized by high energy and a decreased need for sleep. It can also lead to the man severely losing touch with reality. These episodes can last from a few days to several months at a time.

Greater Aggression

When a man is in the middle of an episode, he faces an increased chance of showcasing greater aggression. They will be faster to anger and irritability when in a depressed or manic state, which can make diagnosis more difficult. Many people do not tend to correlate aggressive with bipolar warning signs, but it is a possibility.

More Severe Symptoms 

Research suggests women have an increased risk of having more frequent symptoms. However, men are more likely to have a greater severity in symptoms. When a man experiences a feeling of either euphoria or depression, there is an increased chance it will be more prominent.

Co-Occurring Substance Abuse Problem

Instead of seeking out a bipolar treatment, many people will choose to self-medicate. It tends to be a stereotype in American society that men are not allowed to show emotion, which stands at odd to the symptoms associated with bipolar disorder. As a result, when a man feels overly sad or even overly happy, he may choose to drink alcohol excessively or partake in other drugs to try to regain a sense of normality.

Refusal to Seek Treatment

The stigma associated with men and extreme emotions works to their disadvantage. Many men are unwilling to go through with treatment because they want to insist nothing is wrong with them. This is true of virtually all mental health disorders. This is a problem because research shows men are more likely to die by suicide compared to women, and these tragedies could have been avoided with adequate treatment.

Many people do not want to admit they have a mental health problem, especially someone viewed as “strong,” but it is critical to remember that having bipolar disorder is not an indicator of your resilience as a human being.

Plenty of men out there have bipolar disorder and a wide array of other mental health problems. It is nothing to be ashamed of, and numerous treatments are out there for those who want help. If you or a man you love needs assistance, then contact Pyramid Family Behavioral Healthcare. We offer an adult mental health treatment program to help individuals take control of their mental health problems.


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