Events & Workshops

We invite members of the community to attend mental health workshops and events with Pyramid Family Behavioral Healthcare. These sessions are designed to educate and eliminate stigmas surrounding mental health. One of our core values is to integrate into the local community, which includes becoming a resource for both professionals such as therapists, psychologist, and other treatment providers and the community at large.

Our Professional Continuing Education Workshops are designed to provide ongoing education to mental health professionals who have obtained their academic degree and professional license, or who are working toward their professional license. Since behavioral health is a dynamic and ever-evolving field, research and best practices often change over time. Continuing education ensures clinicians stay up-to-date on new developments in their field, gain new competencies and skills, and remain abreast of legal, statutory, ethical, and regulatory aspects of maintaining a practice so they can continue providing the best services possible to their clients.

Our Community Events are designed to provide the community a venue to learn more about healthy living, sustain well-being, and promote healthy families. Engaging in community service provides us with the opportunity to become active members of our community and has a lasting, positive impact on society as a whole.

Our goals for Community Events, called Kitchen Table Conversations, is to provide:

  • Education on a variety of behavioral health topics for increase understanding
  • Raise awareness to enhance the recognition of the human condition
  • Reduce stigma associated with behavioral health conditions to encourage seeking necessary help and support
  • Alleviate suffering by offer practical strategies to manage adversity we all face during our journey of life