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Everyone knows what it’s like to have a bad day. Everyone feels sad from time to time. When it happens to friends or loved ones, our first instinct may be to offer consolation or to try and cheer them up. After all, supporting each other is what we are naturally programmed to do.

Sometimes, however, you may find yourself in a situation where nothing that you say or do helps. The person you are trying to help has changed. In situations like this, the underlying problem may very well be depression.

Depression is a Master of Disguise

Sometimes it seems like life is an exercise in problem-solving. Deal with one issue, and there is always another ready to take its place. There are, however, times when the resulting stress can be more than a person can handle, and life becomes overwhelming. A person in this situation is a prime candidate for depression.

Outwardly, one of the first signs of depression is a change in mood. It’s difficult for someone to be themselves when they are living with a sense of hopelessness. They may feel like their life is in a downward spiral and that there is nothing they can do to change it.

A change in mood alone is not proof of depression. It is just a single symptom. Remember, the illness wears many disguises. If someone you know or love is exhibiting one or more of the following signs, depression may be the cause.

1. Mood Swings and Changes in Attitude

It’s difficult to describe what a mood change looks like, but you will know it when you see it. A talkative, and engaging person suddenly becomes subdued and distant. Someone confident and driven becomes uncertain and indecisive. These are examples of how depression changes lives.

2. Isolation and Withdrawal from Social Situations

Everyone has their own vision of the perfect social life. Some people are the life of the party. Others are content to mingle or linger around the edges. When someone you know or love completely retreats from social interaction and prefers to be alone, depression could be a prime suspect.

3. Constant Fatigue and Tiredness

You can always tell when someone didn’t get enough sleep last night. If they were out partying or watching the big game with friends, looking tired is expected. However, if looking and feeling exhausted becomes the new norm, depression is a possibility.

4. Change in Weight or Appetite

This is a common symptom of depression but it’s not something that most people openly discuss. It is just something that you might observe and consider a possible symptom of depression.

5. The Person Becomes More Angry, Irritable and Negative

Some people are naturally argumentative and negative. However, if these traits suddenly appear in someone who doesn’t usually exhibit them, it could be a symptom of depression.

Mental Health Treatment Is Available to Treat Depression

Depression is a common and treatable mental health disorder. Instead of watching a friend or loved one suffer, encourage them to get the behavioral health treatment they need. The process begins by completing our contact form or contacting us at (678) 274-4936.

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