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The decision to seek help is personal and difficult. However, it is crucial to recovery and living a full, happy, and healthy life. Recognizing and admitting that you need help is the most difficult part of the process. Once you get past this stage, your next step is to find a program that can build an IOP treatment plan for you.

Some people don’t require a high level of care, so outpatient programs are often a good option.  Intensive outpatient programs help provide more flexibility for patients than inpatient programs. IOPs allow you to continue living your everyday life with work, family, school, and other responsibilities. The typical person who would benefit from an intensive outpatient program does not require 24-hour care and supervision during treatment, has some type of support system already, and can rely on a healthy home environment.

There are several levels of care within an intensive outpatient program. These different levels benefit both patients and our staff. Your treatment program can entail varying levels of structure and scheduling. An IOP program can also be used as a step-down level of care from an inpatient program or residential treatment program as an individual transitions back into everyday life.

Outpatient therapies may include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Patients try to understand how thoughts and behaviors are connected and work to improve negative patterns by modifying their thought processes.
  • Motivational Interviewing – This therapy is very patient-centered. Motivational Interviewing can help the patient make changes for themselves.
  • Family therapy – These therapy sessions include the entire family. The goal is to help to improve communication and repair relationships.
  • Contingency Management – Small rewards are awarded as an incentive to stay on the right path towards recovery.

IOPs provide some of the following services: nutritional and fitness education, vocational training, anger management classes, and family programs. Therapy and counseling sessions help teach new and effective methods of communication. They cover topics such as how to manage stress, improve problem-solving and coping skills, and change negative thoughts and behaviors into more positive ones.

Pyramid Family Behavioral Healthcare is focused on your individual needs and treatment. Our goal is to help you find success in recovery.

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