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Adolescent Mental Health Treatment Program

Our adolescent program serves 13 – 17 year olds who suffer with a mood or anxiety disorder. The program is tailored to provide content that is age appropriate and designed with the adolescent’s stage of brain development in mind.

At times, it seems like teens don’t think things through or fully consider the consequences of their actions. Adolescents differ from adults in the way they behave, solve problems, and make decisions. Because of these differences, Pyramid Family Behavioral Healthcare packages the program in a manner that relies less on attention span in a lecture format but more on group participation and activity based approaches. This allows the program to be offered in a way that is congruent with where the adolescent brain is and in terms that are both understandable and more internalized for change.

Another essential part of our program is the degree to which we incorporate the family into the treatment process. Family relationships shape how adolescents form relationships throughout the rest of their lives. Because of this, our adolescent program has weekly Family Workshops and family sessions and bi-weekly treatment planning sessions that include family participation.

In most circumstances, the program would like to interface with the school system and the client’s school counselor. While detailed information about a case would not be appropriate to share, identifying accommodations that could be provided within the school setting may be appropriate for a client as well as the sharing of strategies to help reduce emotional triggers or to improve academic performance.


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Adolescent Hours of Operation

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday: 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Weekly Family Workshop: Wednesday, 5:30 PM – 7 PM

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