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Alumni Services

Staying Connected and Helping Others

Alumni programs help provide a smooth transition to healthy day to day living after a client completes a treatment program.  These programs keep individuals connected to the recovery community.  Alumni programs offer ways to ease this transition, utilizing structured activities and events as fun ways to keep individuals on the right track.  Access to mental illness and addiction education, relapse prevention programs, and engaging workshops is provided through alumni programs.

Alumni programs provide an opportunity to receive encouragement, support, and hope from individuals who understand and empathize.  The main goal of an alumni program is to strengthen recovery.  This network of peers who can relate and understand what individuals may be going through can provide ongoing encouragement and support.

Individuals in recovery from mental illness are provided with many tools for preventing relapse via an alumni program.  They can also benefit from the fellowship with others who share a common goal. When engaged in alumni program, individuals are able to practice new life skills learned in treatment.  It takes time for a habit to become second nature and for changes in thought processes and subsequent behaviors to take hold. Group sessions, meetings, and workshops can provide individuals with places to practice these new methods in a nonjudgmental atmosphere

Individuals can choose any level of involvement they prefer within an alumni program, making these programs very flexible and suited for each individual’s needs.  Alumni programs allow individuals to participate in volunteer service opportunities to give back to the community through peer support, social opportunities and maintaining wellness.  These groups offer meaningful support, comfort and encouragement.  The successful functioning of our therapeutic community is  dependent on the core belief that everyone has something to offer and something to gain by participating.

Our mission is to provide lifelong support and community for our clients and their families.

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