Our Family Program

Families with loved ones attending our programs are encouraged to participate in our structured Family Program. The Family Program consists of three parts:

  1. Weekly Family Therapy
  2. Weekly Family Workshops
  3. Family Participation in the Treatment Process

At Pyramid Family Behavioral Healthcare, families are strongly encouraged to participate in all parts of the program – it is as much of an expectation of treatment as it is for the client to attend sessions.  This dramatically increases success rates, improves family functioning, helps the client enrolled in the program to be more fully engaged in treatment, and reduces the stigma of the client as being the only one who has a problem.

Weekly Family Therapy

Family Therapy is a counseling session, with or without the client, with different members of a client’s family or identified support system in some cases.  One of the greatest early influences on an individual’s development is the formation of relationships within a family system and its impact on how the individual forms relationships in the future.  Family Therapy acts as a catalyst to nurture change and development in terms of the systems of interaction between family members, emphasizing family relationships as an important factor in psychological health. The program believes weekly Family Therapy sessions, especially with children, adolescents and young adults, are key to a client’s success in treatment.


Weekly Family Workshop

In keeping with one of our core values, Pyramid Family Behavioral Healthcare is committed to improving family communication, enhancing bonds within the family system, developing better understanding and empathy among family members, and ensuring that treatment is a partnership among all family members


Bi-weekly Family Engagement

This is the process where the family and client have a primary decision-making role in facilitating change by setting goals, measuring progress, promoting accountability, and planning what comes next.  Families will be given the opportunity to help set treatment planning goals, evaluate the progress that has been made, and develop continuing care plans by attending Treatment Planning sessions and a Discharge Conference as treatment concludes. Treatment Planning sessions occur every two weeks for each client and the Discharge Conference will occur within the final two sessions of the program for a particular client.

Family Workshop Structure:

  • Instructional
    • Parenting/Spouse Strategies
    • Parental/Spouse self-care
    • Parental/Spouse effective communication
  • Informational
    • Psychoeducation about behavioral health conditions
    • Options for approaches and interventions for various behavioral health conditions
    • Education about adolescent development
      • Social
      • Brain
      • Physical
      • Motivation & Achievement
    • Engagement
      • Orientation to the treatment process
      • Treatment empathy
      • Treatment as a partnership between program and parent/spouse
      • Continuing care
    • Emotional Support
      • Process Oriented Group
        • Sharing of experiences and insights
        • Increase support and connection with others while reducing isolation
      • Advocacy
        • Parental/Spouse Empowering
        • Assertiveness
        • Boundaries & limits
        • Communication
        • Goal setting for self and others
      • Linkages to community-based supports

The Family Program is a hallmark of treatment at Pyramid Family Behavioral Healthcare. Because family members and significant others are considerably affected by behavioral health conditions, their involvement is critical to the healing process.  Not only do we want to support the healing of the client, but also improve the sense of well-being within the family system.