Convenient, specialized outpatient services

Pyramid Family Behavioral Healthcare is proud to offer a variety of outpatient services for members of our community. We offer a comprehensive variety of therapy types, including acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), all completed without the need for an overnight stay. Clients can participate in healing therapeutic modalities during the day, and return home as soon as treatment concludes.

Clients who participate in outpatient services through PFBH can yield a number of benefits. These sometimes include:

  • Convenient treatment hours
  • Specialized care plans, individualized for each client
  • Prevention-focused, person-first care
  • High-quality care without a required hospital stay
  • Healing in a collaborative, non-judgmental environment

These and other benefits make outpatient services through Pyramid Family Behavioral Healthcare a quality treatment option.

Individual, group and family therapy

Therapy is one powerful outpatient service offered through PFBH. Our caring, licensed clinicians regularly help clients reach their potential, through therapy that maximizes strengths and remediates challenges.

Most therapy at PFBH is facilitated in a group environment. Clients join other individuals navigating challenges and pursuing change, in a non-judgmental environment. You’ll learn to dialogue with other individuals facing similar struggles, as you adopt coping strategies that further help to make positive change into permanent change.

In other cases, you might participate in individual therapy — where clients meet one-on-one with an experienced therapist or counselor in a confidential setting. You’ll use this private time to process your experiences in treatment, address any additional challenges that arise and receive personalized support.

PFBH is proud to integrate clients’ support systems into regular treatment. Family therapy sessions can help serve as a catalyst, to nurture change and development within the family system. Our family therapy sessions also help to deepen family relationships, an important psychological factor in working collectively through struggles as a family unit.

Teletherapy services

Teletherapy, also known as telehealth, involves the use of technology to receive virtual mental health care from a qualified treatment provider. Without an in-office visit, you can receive high-quality care from any of our licensed healthcare providers.

PFBH offers behavioral and mental telehealth programs to both adults and adolescents. As a treatment platform, telehealth offers a variety of benefits. These can include:

  • Lowered costs
  • Reduced transportation times
  • Wider access to qualified health specialists
  • On-demand treatment options
  • Tighter control of infectious illness, including COVID-19

Telehealth options can work with virtually any schedule, allowing you to receive the treatment you need without compromising your entire day’s schedule.