Psychiatric Services for the North Fulton Community

Pyramid Family Behavioral Healthcare has re-established outpatient psychiatric services, as a complement to our system of care in the North Fulton community. As a part of our behavioral health continuum, PFBH now offers psychiatric services for individuals ages 8+. children, adolescents and adults through both medication management and psychiatric evaluations.

Psychological evaluations and medication management

Our psychiatric services are fulfilled by either a psychiatrist (MD or MO), a nurse practitioner (NP) or a physician assistant (PA) trained in psychiatry. Both nurse practitioners and physician assistants work under the supervision of an onsite doctor, to make direct-care services even more affordable for clients and their families.

At PFBH, we only employ psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners (PMHNPs) or physician assistants with training that qualifies them for advanced psychiatry.

Psychiatric evaluations

Clients work alongside licensed psychiatrists to discuss behavioral history, family history, symptoms they might be currently experiencing, and a range of other topics. You’ll participate in a psychological test, one that can help identify developmental delays, diagnose behavioral health conditions, detect social or emotional difficulties, even discern personality traits.

Your evaluation will take place over a period of a few days and consist of written, visual and verbal elements. After evaluation, we can also help you identify and pursue an academic or vocational trajectory, one that helps elevate your quality of life and address any of life’s challenges you might face.

Medication management

After the completion of your psychological evaluation, your prescriber may follow up regarding the efficiency of your medication. If this is the case, clients might participate in twenty-minute medication management appointments. During your appointments, clients typically discuss the extent to which medications are helping them manage symptoms, triggers or challenges they face. You can also discuss whether medications are leading to any new issues.