Psychological Testing for the North Fulton Community

As part of our comprehensive system of care, Pyramid Family Behavioral Healthcare provides full psychological testing services to the Atlanta area. 

Psychological testing, fulfilled through the PFBH Counseling Center, services children, adolescents, and young adults. Tests are administered by licensed clinicians, and offer an objective, quantifiable measure of a client’s psychological functionality.

We use psychological examinations to assess a variety of mental abilities and attributes, including achievement and ability, personality and neurological functioning. Together, the psychological tests you take create a profile.

Your psychological profile might be used for any of the following applications:

  • School placement and/or testing accommodations
  • Classifying learning disabilities
  • Recognizing developmental delays
  • Identifying giftedness
  • Tracking intellectual development
  • Distinguishing vocational aptitude
  • Diagnosing behavioral health conditions, such as ADHD
  • Detecting social and/or emotional difficulties
  • Discerning personality traits, strengths and weaknesses

Your psychological evaluation will typically combine written, visual and verbal elements for a more accurate result. Some tests are also projective, which can leave room for interpretation on the part of our healthcare professionals.

The phases of psychological evaluation

Clients are often referred to the PFBH Counseling Center after exhibiting some sort of academic, emotional and/or behavioral difficulty. Through psychological testing, our clinicians can achieve valuable insight into accommodations or treatment that can meet your unique needs. After evaluation, we can also help you identify and pursue an academic or vocational trajectory, one that ultimately helps you meet the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Each psychological evaluation is completed in phases. Reference the individual phases of psychological testing below, alongside details that define each stage.

Intake/initial consultation – 1-1.5 hours

During your intake consultation, you’ll review the testing process alongside your counselor. This in-depth clinical interview always includes both client and psychologist, and can also include parents, legal guardians or other individuals related to the client.

You might discuss a variety of different topics with your counselor during your initial evaluation — including developmental history, current behaviors and any ongoing concerns. Parents are asked to bring relevant medical reports, previous evaluations, a recent report card, any previous standardized testing and work samples that reflect a younger client’s academic and behavioral history.

Depending on the age of the child, PFBH may also conduct a classroom observation for an additional fee.

Test administration – 6-8 hours

Psychological testing sessions typically begin in the morning and are conducted over two days. Some tests can last longer, allowing counselors time to gather all essential information. 

Comprehensive psychological evaluations include the following elements:

  1. Cognitive (intelligence)
  2. Academic
  3. Neuropsychological components, that includes assessments of:
    • Receptive and expressive language
    • Visual spatial
    • Attention
    • Visual verbal memory
    • Executive functioning abilities

Self-report questionnaires are given to parents, teachers and clients, with questions that assess emotional functionality.

Test scoring – 2 hours

The psychologist will complete the scoring of tests administered.

Testing report – 6-8 hours

Your psychologist will complete a comprehensive report, one that reviews all data from psychological tests. Reports also incorporate information from both the clinical interview and associated screening and questionnaires.

Feedback session – 1-2 hours

Feedback sessions provide parents with a detailed explanation of the results, alongside an explanation as to how any diagnosis is reached. Depending on the results of the evaluation, a diagnosis might be provided if the results support a significant discrepancy in scores. Detailed recommendations and referrals to other professionals are also provided at the time of the feedback session.

A comprehensive report is provided to the parents after the feedback session has been conducted. Once parents obtain this report, they can choose to share the information with their child’s teacher, school, pediatrician, therapist and/or other healthcare providers.

For more information on psychological testing availability and the types of evaluations offered, feel free to reach out to the PFBH Counseling Center at your convenience. Alternatively, you can call (866) 204-7306 for more information, or to schedule a client visit, today.