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Behavioral health disorders impact the lives of millions of people every single day. Unfortunately, there is a societal stigma about mental health that contributes to the spreading of misconceptions. These harmful ideas can make it difficult for people to seek treatment. That’s why it’s so important to dispel these myths.

Misconception #1: Mental Health Disorders Are Uncommon

Many people still hold the belief that mental and behavioral conditions are rare. However, the data directly refutes these claims. Approximately, 18.6 percent of adults in the U.S. suffer from a mental health disorder during at least one year of their lives. This comes out to 43.7 million people having a serious condition that should seek treatment. The figure for adolescents between the ages of 13 and 18 suffering from a behavior health condition is about 20 percent.

Misconception #2: Some People with Mental Health Conditions are Weak or Lazy

The idea that mental health conditions are made up by people who simply need to “get off the couch” is hazardous and false. Anyone can struggle with a mental health condition, regardless of economic status, occupation, age, gender, race, ethnicity, or political party.

Misconception #3: The Healthcare Industry Exaggerates Mental Health Disorders to Make a Profit

Some individuals believe that doctors and pharmaceutical companies are exaggerating the prevalence of mental health disorders in order to capitalize on the issue. The fact that there is more awareness about mental illness today is thanks to campaigns and more people coming forward. People with mental conditions are feeling stronger no longer to hide behind shame and denial.

Misconception #4: People with Mental Health Conditions are Scary and Violent

The idea that society should fear people suffering from mental conditions because of a propensity for violence couldn’t be further from the actual truth. Study after study shows that individuals with mental health conditions are far more likely to be victims of violence than to perpetuate it.

Misconception #5: Drugs Are the Only Way to Treat Mental Health Conditions

This is one of those misconceptions about mental health that requires a nuanced, multi-layered rebuttal. Medications can be helpful for treating certain mental health conditions, but that depends on the patient and his or her health history. Pharmaceutical treatments work best when used in conjunction with therapy, support groups, and self-help.

The people who suffer the most from these misconceptions are those individuals living with behavioral health conditions. It is vital for everyone to realize that mental health conditions are nothing to be ashamed of and, and that those suffering deserve treatment.

Mental health conditions aren’t just biological or neurological. There are plenty of psychological and environmental factors that must be addressed through therapy and lifestyle changes. It is important to uncover these during treatment programs.

Finding help is easier than ever before. The IOP program at Pyramid Family Behavioral Healthcare offers mental health treatment for both adults and adolescents. These treatments are targeted to improve mood, cognitions, relational dynamics, and psychophysiological symptoms.

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