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Family is important. Even if we don’t always get along with immediate and extended family members – especially siblings, spouses, parents and children – family provides an unshakeable cornerstone through the good and bad. No matter where you find yourself in your mental health journey, family members offer support, advice, encouragement and comfort at every stage of recovery.

Family workshops – like the workshops we offer here at Pyramid Family Behavioral Healthcare – are built on the principle that mental health challenges experienced by the individual are meant to be shouldered by the family. Through active family workshops, all family members are encouraged to participate in structured treatment modalities and counseling meant to reinforce the family unit against any issues facing a brother, sister, father, mother or spouse.

Through family workshops, family members can expect to see improved communication skills, as well as family cohesion and bonding, shared empathy and a better collective understanding and respect for the struggles experienced by the individual family member. Ultimately, family workshops work to bolster the communal, partnership aspect of the family dynamic, and they can make all the difference in the world in terms of family togetherness, teamwork and empathy.

An instructional, informational family workshop structure

Family workshops generally follow a streamlined format, outlined by instructional and informational pillars. First, the instructional portion of a family workshop focuses on parenting and spouse strategies. During this portion of a family workshop, you and applicable family members can see definitive progress with regard to parental/spouse self-care and effective, intentional communication.

Family workshops also offer a healthy informational component. Family members are invited to learn more about specific mental health circumstances fostering any self-destructive behaviors, alongside coping mechanisms and productive treatment modalities helpful in mitigating the negative effects experienced by their relative.

One of the many facets of informational workshopping is advocacy, where family members learn self-empowerment, as well as spousal and parental empowerment. In addition, family members learn to adopt increased assertiveness, while they work to establish boundaries around emotional limits, conversation and honesty with each other and with any relatives struggling with mental health challenges. Communication is a major part of this focus on advocacy, and it’s an area where many families can stand to grow closer together. Family members learn the basics of honest communication, no matter what the topics of conversation might be.

Meeting goals together, as a family

Family workshops allow you, together as a family unit, to identify and meet commonly-held goals. You’ll be able to gather, along with a licensed healthcare professional, and set individual and group goals to reach for. This will allow you to work together as a family toward positive change, while you cheer each other on in your pursuit of individuals goals.

Family engagement meetings are also useful in both measuring progress and in promoting accountability. Especially after you’ve taken the time to set collective goals, subsequent meetings can focus on how well you’ve worked to fulfill those goals in the time between. In addition, the group setting promotes a sense of accountability, in that you know you’ll have to answer for any of the steps you took over the course of the week to get closer to, or further from, the goals you know you set. In this way, family units become supportive, productive teams, working toward goals while encouraging other members of the family toward the same. Your treatment planning sessions, set to occur every two weeks, will become anchors during your month, where you will assess family performance to date, and plot the course for any necessary changes in the days to come.

After a successful number of treatment planning sessions, during which you and all attending family members will learn critical skills that foster collective problem-solving, honest communication, goal-setting and self and group evaluation, your discharge conference prepares you to take what you’ve learned into the world.

Fortify the family unit

Family workshops help set the stage for family growth. No family is perfect, but all families can find it within themselves to offer support and maintain respect for each other. And because of how much one or more individuals in a single family can be affected by behavioral health challenges, family workshops often become critical steps in group formation. Not only do individual family members want to support anyone in the family who might be struggling, but families also want to change and improve, using one person’s issues as fuel to grow stronger together.

If you’re ready to take steps toward an improved family dynamic, in light of one family member’s behavioral health struggles, Pyramid Family Behavioral Healthcare is ready to help. Learn more about all the ways we help your family during this process, by calling (678) 274-4936 or by using our contact portal to pursue the confidential support you need.

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